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The Future of Work

The modern workplace has experienced a radical transformation over the past 30 years. There are many forces that have driven this transformation, and today we find ourselves faced with the new reality that we have the most fluid and disengaged workforce in history and we have a massive skills gap.



Experience Matters

What it takes to attract, hire and create value in an organization is substantially different than it used to be. What skills and abilities you need to thrive in this new reality of work are also quite different. Steve Cadigan has built some of the most successful cultures in business at LinkedIn and Cisco and today he advises some of the most dynamic organizations in the world on how to build a talent strategy and culture to thrive in this constantly evolving new world of work.

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In this keynote, Steve reveals and offers unique ideas and solutions on a compelling path forward.

  • How to build a talent strategy with an increasingly disloyal and fluid workforce.
  • The new workforce demands many things from employers – what are they and how can you leverage this to win?
  • How to build a company when the skills you need are constantly changing?
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About Steve

Steve Cadigan has been at the forefront of global talent strategy and company culture for the past 30 years. Most famous for scaling Linkedin from 400 to 4000 in 3.5 years, Steve also led the development of LI’s legendary company culture.

Today, Steve helps companies reframe what they offer to employees and employees take ownership of uncertain futures. He offers strategy and insight on talent in times of disruption through keynotes, seminars, and workshops.

Scaling for tomorrow requires a new model for attracting & retaining top talent.
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