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Steve specializes in helping companies build highly successful talent strategies for today’s digital economy. Many organizations have the key ingredients to attract, engage, and retain great talent, but they still find themselves falling behind competitors.

In Steve’s frank, interactive, workshops, he offers a deep dive into what’s really going on. He assesses the situation, offers quick solutions to stop the bleeding, and then works on the issue to bring clarity toward long-term solutions.


Turn Culture Into Your Greatest Advantage

Winning the war for talent requires being the place the best talent wants to be. Recruiting is all about culture today. Highlights from this keynote include:

  • Making your culture work for everyone is unrealistic.
  • What a Talent First culture really looks like and how you can build one in your company.
  • Culture is worth more than compensation and a big recruiting budget today.
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How to Recruit and Retain Talent

Recruiting and Retention today extends way before and way after employment in a company ends. The new landscape of talent is more fluid. Continuous relationships where alumni and candidates are critical assets require unique strategies. What employees want today in an employer is vastly different than the past.

  • Learn how you can succeed in becoming aware and acting upon your awareness.
  • Learn how to engage your alumni in recruiting and retention.
  • Learn how retention begins before you have hired your first employee.
  • Learn how investing in employee development trumps bonus plans and salaries.
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How to Scale Your Organization

Succeeding while growing at hyper speed is highly complex. New people, new policies, new practices and new ways of working together is a constant. How do we think about building teams and organizations in an era where everything is in a state of constant change? We need to reframe.

  • Learn how leaders need to lead in the digital era.
  • Why communication and feedback is more important than ever before.
  • Build a talent pool that can adapt to pivots of disruption.
  • Learn how companies who pulse their staff regularly have a massive advantage today.
  • This is all about learning, experimentation, and iteration rather than having a master plan.
Put a Date on Hold

Today's Leaders Are Agile

In today’s workplace, having a plan is less important than how fast you can learn and respond to a decision when things are not going as planned. of course, leaders need to be thoughtful and architect a vision of how they want to grow – but the medal of a successful leader today is how quickly they can assess the direction ahead and course correct. The most revered leaders are the ones who can quickly own up to mistakes, learn from them, and move on.

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