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Success in the digital economy requires an entirely new talent strategy to attract and retain the best people.

Steve Cadigan is one of the foremost authorities on the Future of Work. He is renowned for leading LinkedIn’s talent push from 400-4000 in 3.5 years and was responsible for architecting its world-famous company culture.

Steve has spent the last 30 years leading talent & culture at F500 companies and today sits on the board of three corporations. He offers strategy and insight on talent in times of disruption through keynotes, seminars, and workshops. 

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The Case For A Human-Centered Future of Work

From digital disruptions to global pandemics, we are witnessing a seismic shift in the employer-employee relationship across the board. This is a workquake. What employers need and what employees want has evolved; however, we have yet to build a model and a contract that feels safe and inspirational to both parties.

The Workquake mission is to build a better, more honest, employer-employee relationship that works for the needs of today. Using real examples of people and companies, Steve Cadigan lays out a mindset and strategies that will allow both employer and employee to move from a headspace of anxiety to one of growth and success.

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Steve Cadigan brings clarity and vision to digital disruption.

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Scaling for tomorrow requires a new model for attracting & retaining top talent.
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