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Covid-19 Strategy Consulting

The Coronavirus Pandemic or COVID-19 has thrust the world into a completely unexpected new reality and many of us are still in the shock and denial phase.

As organizations move through the change curve and finally start to recognize that this reality may be with us longer than we would like, the prospect of having to make some really hard decisions and adjustments as a business becomes more and more real.

Having dealt with SARs in Asia for Cisco and aftermath of the financial crash of 2008 for LinkedIn, Steve has experience in making hard decisions in the midst of a crisis. In this webinar we’ll delve into answers to big questions that you are dealing with right now.

  • What’s the best process for reductions in force?
  • How do you regain momentum after layoffs and months of WFH?
  • How do you align and build confidence for the future when the future is uncertain?

These are a just a few of the many impossibly challenging realities leaders must confront today as a result of the pandemic. We are in a period where trust inside an organization is essential and new norms need to be established.

How we communicate and how we operate has to change.

A Field Guide to C-19 People Strategy

In this Webinar, Steve will help leaders:

  • Learn the best process for Reduction in Force (RIF).
  • Regain momentum after layoffs and months of WFH.
  • Gain a clearer perspective of how to lead differently today.
  • Re-focus your teams and identify the pain points in navigating the new reality as well as their solutions.
  • Successfully establish new norms & shift gears with how you communicate and work together as a dispersed organization.
  • Actionable ways to help your teams weather a highly uncertain future.
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Steve Cadigan is one of Silicon Valley’s top talent gurus.

He helped architect the culture at LinkedIn that allowed it to flourish against sexier brands and intense competition for talent during the period of the company’s largest growth.

Steve is also an expert on organizational change having been recognized by the Wall Street Journal for building a world class acquisition integration team at Cisco in the 1990s- helping dozens of companies settle and thrive inside Cisco during periods of dramatic organization change. In addition, Steve was at the helm of the HR function for Cisco in Asia when an earlier pandemic, SARS, struck and panic ensued.

He is no stranger to significant and dramatic organization change. He brings an unparalleled breadth to the table today as organizations face an uncertain future but a certainty of lots of change and the need to make very difficult decisions.

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COVID-19 Needs a New Game Plan

After dealing with SARs in Asia and being a part of an 8000 person RIF at Cisco in the time of a (then) unprecedented economic crisis, Steve has learned the hard lessons on how to lead in a crisis. No one likes to make tough decisions, but for companies to thrive, leaders need to show vision and focus. Execution is everything when there are no easy decisions. Steve offers his unique insights on how leaders can build trust when the future is so uncertain. The situation today might seem unique, but the fundamentals going on remain the same. Smart leaders will look at what has worked in the past to thrive in the future.

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Scaling for tomorrow requires a new model for attracting & retaining top talent.
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